War of the Hypocrites

Truth Minute: The War of the Hypocrites

After doing some reflection on the #KimBurrell situation, I realized the following after reading a series of comments from Sinners, Cultural Christians/Church Folk and sincere believers and came to a few conclusions:

First, some people are beginning to use the word “hypocrite” as a means to mute any righteous preaching. They believe that unless you are sinless you have no right to proclaim what God has said through his word on sin. The two phrases “what about other sins” or “don’t judge anyone” are being taken out of context by individuals who are a) not saved and have no interest in what God says about a matter or b) compromised christians who celebrate and endorse the sinfulness of others to absolve them of their own guilt by deflecting. Here are some things that are just not in the word:

1. The famous quote “Love the sinner hate the sin” by ~ Mahatma Ghandi. (This doesn’t work because you have many people who identify themselves totally around their sins)

2. “No sin is greater than the other” (Is Murder the same as Adultery? is idol worship the same as blasphemy? Each has its own wage and the wages of sin is death (some sins make you pay faster than others!

3. “Don’t Judge anyone” (Christians are not supposed to judge non believers because they never followed what God said in the first place…its like me giving you a test but I never told you what to study. So there is wisdom in that. However, all people know right from wrong and God will judge all of us based on his standard which is absolute perfection. Since no one is perfect we need a Savior and that is Jesus. Without him you will be condemned…with him you will be acquitted and set free!

4. Jesus never said anything about ______ sin. This is where unbelievers and some uninformed or unlearned christians show what they (or lack thereof) believe and why. First, if you only believe Jesus was a new testament phenomenon and only came to help the poor and do community service you are sadly mistaken and wrong. Jesus sat with sinners but never compromised. Jesus judged matters of the heart on a regular basis but used a gentle methodology for sinners…in contrast, he was hard on his disciples and didn’t mince words with religious folk (or individuals who looked holy on the outside but on the inside were unbelievers). Jesus is GOD so if all scripture is God breathed, he said it all and spoke against it all. If you don’t believe Jesus is God then you are not saved and that will explain why one would adhere to such error.

So to the righteous preacher…keep preaching Gods word and remove your opinion out of it. The fire will come but God will honor your faithfulness. Just remember to keep your integrity behind closed doors for the world will strangle you with your compromise and destroy your credibility.

To the Cultural Christian…please know that you are not to endorse sinful behavior as if its what Jesus did. If you do…just accept that you are not saved and you were confused with going or being raised in church as the same as “being the Church”. Jesus fellowshipped with sinners…he didn’t SIN like them to WIN them.

To the Sinner….God loves you and He sent his son to die for you…not so you could stay the same but because he wants you to change into His image from the inside out.

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