Only God Can Judge. But how?

Truth Minute: Only God Can Judge. But how?

Pastors and leaders in the Body of Christ, I love you but some of us really need to do a better job of teaching people what God’s judgement looks like. Why all of us deserve Hell and how Jesus removes all sin and is the only way to heaven.First, God is a righteous Judge. He knows who will enter into his kingdom and who will not. He knows how to judge those who have never heard the gospel (Romans 2:15) and those who have heard and accepted Jesus christ (John 3:16-19). He knows how to extend mercy at the last minute (the theif at his right side luke 23:39) and bring justice regardless of wealth (The rich ruler in Luke 16:14-32). He exalts those that have denied him and repented (Apostle Peter) and hardens the hearts of those that are unrepentant (Pharoah and the theif at his left) or what is normally called full excommunication from his presence. My point is you nor I have any real idea what category every person falls into. We know to a certain extent by individuals actions (fruit) but God knows the heart and is just as angry with hidden sins than he is with sins that are in the national media. However, this is what we “do know”…. No one will escape judgement because we are all guilty. God will not appease presidents, politics or movements that ignore his power and sovereign nature that extends beyond the grave. He is Holy, he created all things, answers to no one and is the standard for all that is good in the universe. There has to be justice rendered towards the evil that is in this world and those who embrace it. Thats why the Gospel is such Good news because Jesus came, died, was buried and rose again so that sinners like you and I may be saved thus rendering those who are guilty as exonerated and aquitted from all seen and unseen charges.

Remember, Jesus is the answer…because the evil that is present are primarily matters of the heart and you cant legislate morality (You try keeping the ten commandments without error). Also laws never correct behavior they only highlight what you did wrong (See our Prison system).

If people truly loved God (the right way 2 Chr 7:14) and one another you will see a drastic drop in senseless tragedies or personal failures (just think, if I love you I wont hurt you intentionally)..But, knowing and seeing the depraved wickedness of mankind we also have to be realistic. This is not heaven, and we need to accept the fact that this is a time when people are willfully rejecting God and his word in their lives (when there is no vision “of Holiness” people will cast off restraint/hedonism). Nevertheless, there is STILL hope, people are still being saved, people are still trying to do right and love with compassion…and while this world is a far cry from heaven we can still have comfort in Jesus until the end. #truthinlove #praywithoutceasing #share

P.s. I will be addressing what has happened this week on thursday night at 7pm. Bring your questions, pain and passion. Be blessed

~ Pastor Andre Martin

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