No More Thoughts and Prayers?

Truth Minute: No more thoughts and prayers?

“When people do not accept divine guidance, they run wild. But whoever obeys the law (Gods Law) is joyful.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭29:18‬ ‭NLT‬‬

So I see the edgy term of today is…”enough of thoughts and prayers” let’s do something. My question is what. In over 5000+ years of documented human history there has never been a law to eliminate the evil within mankind. That statement is insulting for one and two it minimizes the role God plays in the peace and comfort of victims as well as his hand to protect his creation…especially Christians who did not ask for their lives to be taken (See Charleston Shooting).

The truth is that laws don’t correct behavior it only highlights what you did wrong. The Ten Commandments have been broken a million times over…why? Because if someone wants to commit evil in thought or deed, it will happen. Morality is more than what is legal vs. what is illegal, it’s about confronting people’s hearts that are filled at times with wickedness by shining the light of the Gospel. People know deep down that there is no solution for the preemption of evil acts. Not everyone who is evil has mental health issues. Brilliant people are killers, rapists, murderers, adulterers, sexually immoral etc. So unless there is the development of a tool like Tom cruises movie the “minority report” we are subject to sin in the world, sin in ourselves and sin in people. This is a fallen world that will not get better because the love of many is waxing cold. You want to debate gun control? Fine, do so…but like prohibition, there will be people who will still sell guns illegally resulting in more prisons filled with people who violated those laws. People will then cry foul and as always, the government will capitulate to the whim of the people and there will be a push to legalize sinfulness.

Lets be honest, in our society It’s easier to let people do what they want versus the maintenance of a standard. So I don’t fault people for saying that in some isolated cases. Emotions are high so that’s understandable…But I do fault other people for using that inflammatory rhetoric because they dont realize that you can’t legislate morality. This is the reason why love engagement officers (bold men and women of God) are needed along with law enforcement officers (police, local or federal). The heart must change then the policy…not vice versa…nothing else will work.

If you love me you won’t hurt me, if you love God you will keep his commandments. I won’t have to use lethal force if you don’t try to steal from my home or break in the middle of the night and endanger my family, If I love you I won’t sell you drugs, hurt your children, entertain sex trafficking, lie to a co worker, have envy in my heart when you are blessed and so on. This may seem like a rant but trust me this is needed. You can’t address symptoms without looking at the root cause. So yes, I will stick with prayers, I will stay under God…he has been too good to me to mock his power, protection and ability to quell the demons in someone’s heart. To be clear, it’s very sad and heartbreaking what happened in Texas, Orlando, Las Vegas, the Congo, France, Germany and other places around the world due to the evil actions of humanity. But since I am not God, all I can do is have compassion and preach love to those that remain and will listen…but can you imagine if God’s love is totally removed from the earth and all restraint of evil is erased? Woe to the earth for the last days “purge” is coming as the scriptures says. For every man is given an appointed time to die and then the judgement of hell or acquittal to heaven. May God have mercy on the souls of people…may he reveal His Son Jesus to those who need him most.#lamentations #thereisstillhope

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