So Much (Racial) Tension in the Air

Truth Minute: So Much (Racial) Tension in the Air

Why is it there so much tension? Is it an old issue or a new one…whats going on? Well here is my honest and most objective assessment of our climate. It’s not exhaustive, as there are several books and institutions that have studied this issue for longer than I have been alive.

There is a large segment of our society that believes racism ended at its worse with 1. the abolition of slavery or 2. The civil rights movement (Kings/Emmett Till’s death) and because they have seen many people of color reach all levels of success in this country there is little empathy for bringing up the past especially since all people have been afforded (on the surface) the same rights and opportunities (with examples to match)… There is also a large segment of Minority/Urban culture that can’t overcome the past and blames others for their misfortune and lack of opportunities or lives out the stereotypes that validates the predominant cultures prejudices (chicago death toll, black on black crime, looting, police non-compliance references etc,) therefore some of the current attitudes are JUSTIFIED.

Then you have MANY minorities and people of Color that did overcome the past, sees things in the NOW and have seized all opportunities this country affords (educated, law abiding, family oriented) but are consistently reminded at all levels of success through institutional and psychological “behaviors or prejudices” from that same predominant culture, that the “ugly” past is still relevant and since it is, groups and movements have been birthed in opposition.

The solution for these ills from what I have seen is multifaceted…some people genuinely don’t understand the differences in cultures but are willing to listen, therefore it can be resolved through frank and candid friendships…then there are others who WONT understand or will stay silent on both sides and you have to let God have his way with those folks and use the legislation or peaceful confrontation to change mindsets or suppress their negative influences…So what is the solution? Well, I humbly submit the Gospel, because it transcends culture and because it goes to the HEART of the matter which is the SIN of pride (Which is why Rev. King was so transformational).

If God was elevated and we loved him and one another like Jesus taught, the tension can be reduced greatly even with difficulty. YES there are extremes on both sides and those are always going to be unreachable and will be until the end…BUT there is hope for so many others if we can just sit down and reason together with those that want to understand and judge things based on character versus political party and other secular and/ or cultural traditions.

Pastor Andre Martin

#prayingforpeace #prayingforunderstanding

#racism #jesus #loveistheanswer

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