Truth Minute: I DON’T KNOW JOEL
But I do know what it’s like to be unjustly criticized and judged harshly.
Any leader that has any level of significance or growing influence must be able to withstand unconstructive criticism. You have to be very secure in who you are and the destiny God has placed on your life. Social Media Mobs come and go (usually after one or two weeks it’s fizzled)…but the leader and their followers will remain and in most cases grow even stronger because there was a bond created in the adversity. Critics or haters can’t understand how things don’t crumble after such a storm, they can’t understand why people still stay, why money still flows and why their shade on a Facebook post has no real influence…well, the reason is before the critic popped up in a comment section or spouted their ignorance through biased opinions, the leader for “several years” has been working with his or her support system.
Let me remind you…JESUS was perfect y’all, yet he had and still has severe critics even 2000 years later…you know he wasn’t God, he’s fake, he never rose from the dead, never existed, he is only a prophet, etc.,..YET here he stands with a group of believers that grows WORLDWIDE everyday despite numerous challenges. For the record, I DON’T KNOW JOEL (Osteen) personally and outside of an occasional meme or television show, I am not familiar with the inner workings of their ministry (and 98% of the critics don’t know him or live in Houston either). But I can tell you that the storm has made their people stronger and filtered out the ones who didn’t support in the first place.
Exodus 1:12 (KJV)
12 But the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew. And they were grieved because of the children of Israel.
What many people don’t realize is after 60 plus years of him and his father (John Osteen) building that church, one storm won’t take it all down, they have been through many…therefore if the critics never supported the vision then their words have no influence and their absence has no impact anyway. That’s a revelation for any up and coming leader. #onward #ministryspotlight
Pastor-Andre Martin
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