What’s all the Confusion?

I am seeing a lot of false equivalent arguments and information about the situation between: refugees, islam, born again believers, and “Christendom” – which in the world’s eye, is inclusive of “every sect of Christianity” as one monolithic group. So here are a few truths that can unravel some of the fluff seen on social media.

First, Christian is not an “Ordained” Biblical term.  Jesus never called people that. Jesus’ Disciples were called “People of the Way”. Christian is actually an unflattering name given by pagans or non-christians to identify those who follow “some” aspect of the bible. They don’t know the difference between a Saved Christian (Living Spirit) and a Religious one (dead rituals). And most don’t understand Old testament or New testament dynamics of Law vs. Grace, or the audience the Text was addressing (Israel in the Old Testament and born again believers in the New Testament). And that there is a difference between ceremonial laws (for Preists), civil laws (for Governance) , and moral laws (for universal heart matters that identify holiness or sinfulness). Most believe that Jesus is not God and that he was a normal, but good man who was separate or not the same God of the old covenant or IF he existed, he was equivalent to Mohommed, Socrates or some nomadic political revolutionary!

Most do not realize that the often cited Crusades and “Spanish” inquisition were Roman Catholics initiatives against heresy and reactions against territorial islamic agression (ironic that history is repeating itself) which includes the persecution of protestant (non-Catholic) reformers. Lastly slave traders, who like the KKK, where religious (not saved) hypocritical Christians, Agnostics and Deists by religious “affiliation” (like many of the USA founders) yet did not adhere to what was in the book but “used” the book and it’s old English (not Hebrew or greek) as a form of control over others who where illiterate to KJV languages/dialect not realizing African people where followers of Jesus (Ethiopian Eunuch, Simon the Cyrene, or Moses second wife) long before those events happened. People don’t understand that Syria is the new modern name for Assyria(n), which have been against and terrorizing the Children of Israel since the time of Moses, David and Joshua…and the seed of Abraham of which Issac (Judaism) and ishmael (Islam),which will have enmity against each other until the end of days. One is the blessed son of promise while the other is blessed, but will be wild and untamed for years to come. So there will be no peace until God says so.

To my church folk, please be careful of posting memes or contrasting photos that don’t tell the full story with context. Be careful of sympathising with false religions – especially those who are supposed to be believers. Don’t let the world define what God is doing when they don’t know or want him. But, by all means, love people and share the Gospel. You must still speak truth to power.

-Pastor Andre Martin


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