My Gifts and Talents are a Distraction


Truth Minute: My Gifts and Talents are a Distraction?

That thought has crossed my mind so many times in years past. But let me share something with those of you that understand where I am coming from (with your Multi-talented “self”) Did you know that Its NORMAL when you have multiple talents to “throw” as many pebbles as possible hoping that you would hit what God has purposed for your life?! Why? Because you don’t know which gift or talent will lead you to it!…For me I was gifted in medicine so I went for a degree in Occupational Therapy but did not make it a career, I was gifted in Information Technology so I went for IT and made that a successful career for 15 years, yet my mind was (and is) always on something greater…Back then I explored singing yet no record deal, dancing but got bored, could draw comic book characters but wasn’t patient, played instruments but only for fun and other hits and “purpose driven” misses….I call it “Gift Distraction”…which is when God gives you so many gifts that it initially confuses and at times frustrates you because you cant operate in “all” of them at one time or people only need “one” of them at a time leaving you partially satisfied with serving in that area. Sometimes the frustration is so great until the enemy will use it against you by amplifying the spirit of ambition which leads to depression and ineffective busyness or complacency, ( i.e., well this didn’t work so I’m going to do nothing or with all that I can do WHY am I not further than where I am right now!).

So my message to you is not confuse a gift with a purpose. One is a manager the other is a leader…one focuses on day to day enhancements while the other focuses on tomorrows legacy. They both go hand in hand but always find your purpose, your vision, your passion…find what wakes you up each day and regardless of the circumstances, situations, financial lack or support…simply, take the time to find your purpose in God. My purpose is to Preach the Gospel and pastor the City through the use of my Gifts. It took a long time for me to realize that but once I did things fell into place and I am sure of my calling, I love every minute of it even when that same calling brings pain and grief. To make this clear, let me share the ministry of Jesus Christ as an example.

Jesus was the most interesting and talented man in the World, he could heal the sick, raise the dead and TRULY walk in all 5 offices of ministry. He possessed all the spiritual gifts as stated in 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 and more…but while he could “do” all of those things he did not always “use” all of those things at one time! Further, he did not focus on only one of the gifts (like only feeding or only healing or only opening blind eyes) He used them as needed…but what’s MORE evident is the fact that his ministry was not fulfilled when he performed a miracle or expressed a gift…He was fulfilled because he had a purpose…and that purpose what to Save Mankind from their sins, to save the lost and give them Eternal Life! Wow what a legacy…the gifts where the means but the legacy was the END!

So be encouraged, the time will come when you will find your purpose and you will be able to use your full range of Gifts for the Kingdom of God. Yes, you will have to endure the process of development and yes, there are times when patience is needed…So slow down (Shemitah) and get into the rhythm of life and take it as it comes….remember the gifts and callings of God are irrevocable…in other words there is a guarantee that He wont take them if they are not being used at the “moment”….be thankful that you have those gifts in your arsenal and trust that God, through the fullness of time will give you the wisdom to express their application effectively and guide you to your purpose so that you will be satisfied with life and all that it brings.

~ Pastor Andre L. Martin

#shemitahyear #restinginGod #patience #timeisonyoursideyesitis #divinetruthcc

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