Adoption of Gentiles (Grafting of Fruit)


We find in Ro­mans 11 that Israel is compared to the tame olive tree and Gentiles to a wild olive tree- It says branches were broken off of the Jewish tree that the Gentiles might be grafted in; BUT NOTICE CAREFULLY, the Gentile Branches Are Grafted in Contrary to Nature (Verse 24). This is a very important point, that is often overlooked. For example when a lemon branch is grafted into an orange tree, according to nature it bears lemons on the orange tree. This is according to nature in all kinds of grafting. The bud or branch put into another tree bears fruit that exactly corres­ponds to the tree from which the bud or branch was taken. This is according to nature and no man can change it.

The Gentile branches, however, are grafted in contrary to nature. — Romans 1 1 : 24. Hence the lemon branch put into an orange tree will not bear lemons anymore, but the fruit from it will look just like the fruit from the Orange tree. Therefore when Gentiles are grafted into the Abraham family they no longer resemble Gentiles, but they appear as Jews, and the world in general will recognize them as Jews just the same as they would call the fruit from the lemon branch oranges and not recognize it as lemons.

They are now Is­raelites and were once Gentiles but this, graft­ing process through Jesus Christ the Messiah has changed them so that they resemble Jews. “If you are a child of God, then are you Abra­ham’s seed and an heir according to the promise” Gal. 3:29 — You are a Jew inwardly. Romans 2:29.

The sign of this change is made known in Exodus 31: 15 to 18. It says: “The child­ren of Israel (which Gentiles are after adoption) shall keep the Sabbath to observe the Sabbath throughout their generation for a per­petual covenant. It is a sign between Me and the children of Israel forever.” This perpetual covenant is spoken of elsewhere as continuing for one thousand generations, and forever.
The Gentile branches grafted into the family of Abraham become “Jews Inwardly.” — Ro­mans 2: 27-29. The Scripture reads: “He is a Jew which is one inwardly,” and “circumci­sion is that of the heart.” Then in 1 Cor. 7: 19 it reads: “Circumcision is keeping the com­mandments of Elohim .”

Paul says that the Gentiles were with­out hope, alienated from the common-wealth of Israel, strangers from covenants of promise, having no hope, and without Elohim in the world,” but were made nigh by the blood of Jesus Christ the Messiah. — Ephesians 2: 11 to 13. The blood of Jesus Christ brings them into these promises, and joins them with the commonwealth of Israel, a promise of life eternal. Gentiles grafted into the tame olive tree, resemble the natural fruit, and they keep the commandments. Heart circumcision by the Spi­rit puts this law in their hearts. Rom. 2: 29. We are told what this circumcision is (I Cor. 7:19), where it says, it is keeping the commandments of Elohim. One of these com­mandments is observing the Sabbath. Exodus 20:8 to 11.
This is what makes the man or woman re­semble the Jew, or the natural fruit. It was to be a sign of an Israelite forever.

Be Blessed,

Elder J. A. Winsley

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