I Respectfully Disagree.

Since when did my skin color equate with an act of sex. Since when did 2.5% of the population have so much control in the media. How did a specific lifestyle that originated as a fetish in the Mediterranean among the elite become a trend or a fad? Since when did the rainbow, which was originally an indicator of God’s mercy and promise, become a symbol of pride?…when in reality PRIDE was at the root of mankind’s sin and consequent judgement during Noah’s Flood. (Note: The Nephilim were the result of Fallen angels attempting to mate with women in order to eliminate the Christ Child from coming forth (See Rosemary’s baby as a reference…thats the reason for the flood.) 

Since when did bigotry become synonymous with righteousness and holiness? Since when was it OK to have a Pastor and his First Gentleman or have businesses shut down because they want to stand for the original plan of God. Why so much interest…why is the media running stories everyday and amplifying support for same sex marriage? Why is it that many who are minorities do not realize that their agenda is being ignored because they do not have the financial power of the new “equality lobby” so the government rallies behind who has the most money to push a political influence and not because of any type of true moral interest.

People for ages have done what they think is right in their own eyes. Therefore, whatever is inside will come out and be exposed and pushed. This level of unrighteous indignation among the populous has been seen before. But as long as Jesus is Lord the perceived cultural shift towards immorality will not go unchecked as long as there are Men and Women of God who can speak up without fear of retribution, tax exempt status revocation, or a mass exodus of compromising members. 

Lastly, Jesus is GOD…and Jesus had even greater judgement than the old testament in that he specifically said if you even “think about evil” regardless of the culture, you have sinned and need a savior. In God’s eyes… anyone, whether its a national leader, local assembly or government that endorses or legislates immorality is in dire need of repentance. You may be in a bubble in a specific region of the country where it seems like everyone’s DOING IT, you may be in a church that has compromised and affirms sin, but remember, God will not endorse sin and contradict himself…God is love but God is Truth…and there must be a balance…so I am giving you truth…if you are struggling with sin…our arms are open regardless of its nature, to help, to heal, to support, to discuss and to restore, but while my arms are open, my feet are firmly planted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his efficacious blood. So if you (or they) believe one is born this way…you can Be born Again!Image

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